Phrasal Verb Thesaurus


片語動詞 定義


back away (= back off 第1義) (因恐懼等) 後退,退讓,躲開,退縮 The dog backed away as the man raised his stick.
back down  (= back off 第2義) 放棄論點、意見;承認錯誤、失敗;讓步,屈服 Jane never backs down. She always wins arguments.
back * into + 倒車入庫 I prefer to back my car into the garage. (我比較喜歡倒車入庫)
back off 1. (因恐懼等) 後退,退讓,躲開,退縮 2. 放棄論點、意見;讓步 ,屈服 The crowd backed off to let the wounded man pass through.
back out 食言,違約,打退堂鼓 Sam backed out at the last second.
back out of + 食言,違約,打退堂鼓 Sam backed out of the agreement at the last second.
back * up + 支持 (某人) (某事) [尤指在辯論中支持某人];複製 (電腦資料) You need examples to back up your opinion.
Make sure you back up (the computer data) before you turn the computer off.
back up 後退,向後移動 Could you back up a little so I can open this drawer.
bail * out + 對(個人、公司企業) 紓困;拯救 The government cannot bail out every company with financial difficulties.
bail * out + 自(船) 舀出水來 (以免船沈沒) The boat was leaking so they had to bail it out.
bail out (飛機即將墜毀) 跳傘或跳機 (逃生) The pilot managed to bail out of the burning plane.
bail * out (用錢) 保釋 Michael was charged with robbing the bank, so his family paid 1,000 US dollars to bail him out.
bail out on + (在某人發生困難或有麻煩時) 停止給予支持 Top generals and admirals would bail out on Bush if American troops in Iraq hit Iran.
ball * up + 把…弄糊塗,使困惑;使事情變得複雜 The new project has balled me up- I have no idea what to do.
ball * up + 使…成球狀;使…成團塊 He balled up his napkin when he had finished eating.
balls * up + 把…搞砸;把…搞得一團糟 He ballsed the presentation up.
bang about/around 弄得砰砰作響 He's banging about in the kitchen.
I can hear him banging around upstairs.
bang on about + 不停地說著或談論某事 He's always banging on about football.
bang * out + 大聲地演奏樂器 She banged the tune out on the piano.
bang * up + 把某人關入監牢 (英) The judge banged him up for eight years.
bang * up + 嚴重損壞、毀壞 (美) He banged his car up last night.

bank on + 依靠,仰賴 I'm banking on your help; I can't do it alone.
bargain for/on + 預期,預料 (某事會發生) (通常用於否定句) I hadn't bargained for such a long wait. (我沒料到會等這麼久)
Mary didn't bargain for her husband returning so soon. (瑪麗沒有料到她先生會回來得這麼快)
The exam was more difficult than I had bargained for. (這次考試之難出乎我的意料之外)
We hadn't bargained on so many people coming. (我們沒料到會有這麼多人來)
barge in 衝入;(粗魯無禮地) 插嘴 He keeps barging in and asking stupid questions when I'm trying to work.
barge into + 闖入...裡;插嘴打斷 (談話) They barged into my office without knocking and started talking even though I was on the phone.
bash * about/around 虐待;粗暴地對待 If you bash your monitor about like that, it won't last long.
bash * in + 打破、打壞 (某物);打傷 (某人身體某部位) The burglars bashed the door in to enter the house.
bash * out + (事先沒什麼準備地) 快速地寫出 I bashed the essay out the night before I had to hand it in.
bash * up + 損壞,毀壞;嚴重打傷 (某人) They bashed him up in the fight in the pub last week and he had to go to hospital.
bawl * out  批評,責備,責罵 She bawled him out for arriving late.
bawl * out + 吆喝;高聲叫嚷 He bawled out our names at the top of his voice.
be after + 尋找;需求;追求 The police are after him because of the theft.
John is after another job.
be along 來到;抵達 The next bus should be along in the next quarter of an hour or so.
be away 在別處,到別的地方;在度假 (中) She's away on business for three weeks.
be cut out for + 適合 (某職業);有做...的天賦 She's not cut out for this kind of work.
be cut up 生氣 She was very cut up about coming second as she thought she deserved to win.
be down 神情沮喪 He's been down since his partner left him.
be down (價格、數量等) 降低,減少 The firm's profits are down by ten percent this quarter.
be down with + 生病,得了...而病倒 Mary is down with a bad cold and is off work today.
be fed up (about, of, with) 對...厭煩或不滿 I am fed up of his complaints.
be in 在家;在工作的地方 They are never in; I always get their answerphone.
be in 提交,呈遞;抵達,到達 The application form must be in by 3pm on Friday.
be in on + 參與 Susan was the only one who wasn't in on the plan.
be not on 不能接受的 The way he's behaving is just not on.
be off (食物) 變壞,不新鮮 This yoghurt must be off; it smells foul.
be off 離去;離開 I'm off home; it's five o'clock.
be on 接通;開動著;使用中;運轉中 The computer is on.
be on 發生;進行 The show is on for the next three months.
be on + (按時) 服藥 He is on anti-depressants and has become very difficult to please.
be on about + 談論;說 I couldn't understand what he was on about - it made no sense.
bear down on + 衝向;向...急速前進;走向;逼近 She spotted him on the other side of the room and bore down on him.
bear on + 與...有關 This information may bear on this case.
bear on + 影響 The judge's character may well bear on the final decision.
bear * out + 證實;為...作證 Statistics bear out the government's positions on the issue.
bear up 經得起;頂住,撐得住 I didn't think he would bear up so well in that situation.
bear up under + 經得起;頂住,撐得住 How did he bear up under such extreme pressure.
bear with + 耐心等待;容忍 Please bear with me while I fill out the paperwork.
beat down (烈日) 火辣辣地照射,直曬;(雨) 傾盆而下 The sun was really beating down and we couldn't stay outdoors.
beat out + 險勝,打敗 (美)

The marathon runner barely beat out his rival at the tape. (那位馬拉松跑者到了終點線才險勝他的對手)
Our company beat out several other rivals for the contract. (我們公司打敗幾個競爭對手,取得合約)

beat * up + 痛毆,毒打 The mugger beat him up and stole his wallet.
beaver away 努力工作;賣力地幹 She's beavering away before her exams.
beaver away at + 努力或賣力地做 (某事) I have to beaver away at it or else I will fail the course.
bed down 睡在比平常不舒服的地方 We had to bed down on the floor for the night.
bed down 漸入佳境;逐漸獲得成效或獲得成功 The new government has found it hard to bed down and become accepted.
bed * out + 把植物搬移到外面 I bedded the plants out when the weather warmed up.
beef * up + 加強;增援;充實;提高 The company beefed up their case when they saw that the public wouldn't accept their first explanation of the accident.
belong to + 是 ... 的成員 What political party do you belong to? (你是哪個政黨的黨員?)
belong to + 屬於 Your idea belongs to the nineteenth century and seems old-fashioned now. (你的觀念屬於 19 世紀,現在似乎過時了)
These two smartphones belong to Peter. (這兩支智慧型手機都是彼得的)
belt * out + 高唱;高歌 They belted out the national anthems before the game.
belt up 安靜下來 She told the students to belt up because they were making so much noise.
belt up 繫好車上的安全帶 I told the kids to belt up before I started the car.
bend down 彎下腰,俯身 I bent down to pick it up off the floor.
bend over 彎下腰,俯身 I bent over to do my shoes up.
bend over backwards 不遺餘力;竭盡全力 I bent over backwards for them and they didn't even thank me.
bitch * up + 把 ... 弄糟/搞砸;破壞 I bitched the interview up. (我把面談試搞砸了)
black out 失去知覺;暈過去 He blacked out and collapsed on the floor.
black out (燈光) 熄滅 Everything blacked out when the power supply failed.
blank * out + 抹掉;刪去 The email addresses were blanked out in the documents shown to the court.
blank out 暫時失去記憶 I was so nervous in the interview that I just blanked out and couldn't answer their questions properly.
blare out 發出 (吵雜、刺耳的聲音);播出 (大聲的音樂) The music was blaring out and I couldn't get to sleep.
blast off (太空船、火箭) 發射升空 The space shuttle blasted off on schedule yesterday.
blaze away 連續 (對...) 開槍射擊 The shooters blazed away at the pheasants.
bliss out (身心) 高度放鬆;欣喜若狂 I blissed out on the beach all week.
block * in 停車堵住 (某人的汽車) I couldn't drive here this morning because someone had blocked me in.
block * in + 著 (深) 色 He blocked in the events in his calendar.
block * off + 封鎖;封閉;阻斷 The police blocked off the road after the murder.
block * out + 擋住,遮住 (光線或聲音) The trees block the sun out most of the day.
block * out + 不去想;不去回憶 It was so unpleasant that I try to block it out- otherwise, I'd just be angry all the time.
block * up + 阻塞;堵塞;封鎖 The pipe's blocked up and no water gets through.
blow * away + 槍殺 He grabbed a gun and blew the police officer away.
blow * away + 輕易戰勝;輕易打敗;輕取 (對手) Their new product has blown all the others away.
blow * away 讓...印象深刻 Her first novel blew me away.
blow away (被風等) 吹走 The flag blew away in the storm; we'll have to buy a new one.
blow * down + (被風) 吹倒 A tree was blown down in the storm.
blow in 意外地到來、造訪 My cousin blew in unexpectedly with his entire family.
blow * off 沒有做 (承諾過或安排好的事情) We were going to meet last night, but she blew me off at the last minute.
blow * off + 忽視;認為...不重要 I blew the homework off and did badly.
blow * out + (被) 吹熄 She blew the candles out on her birthday cake.
blow over (危險或難堪的情況) 平息;被淡忘;過去了 All this negative publicity will blow over in a couple of weeks.
The scandal blew over within a fortnight when the press found someone else to attack.
blow * up + 爆炸;(被) 炸毀 The terrorists blew the bridge up.
blow up 爆炸 The bomb blew up before they could defuse it.
blow up 氣炸了;大發雷霆 When Joan heard the news, she blew up and rushed out of the room.
blow * up + 給...充氣 The pressure was low, so I blew the tyre up.
blurt * out + 脫口而出;說溜嘴 I was really angry when he blurted out the secret.
board * out + 安排 (人員、寵物) 在外住宿 (英) We board our cat out with friends when we're away on holiday. (我們外出度假時都會把貓放在朋友那裡寄養)
The children were boarded out with their uncle when we went abroad. (我們出國時,孩子們被安排住在他們叔叔那裡)
board * up + 用木板封住或擋住 (門、窗) They boarded up all the windows to stop people getting into the empty houses. (他們用木板封住所有窗戶以防人們進入空屋)
All the windows were boarded up. (所有窗戶都用木板封住了)
board with + 在 (某人處) 搭伙 Joan boarded with a Chinese family. (瓊安在一個華人家裡搭伙)
bog down (使) 陷入泥沼;(使) 陷入困難;(使) 不能前進 Richard got bogged down in his research and didn't finish the project in time.
bog in 熱烈地吃 We were starving and bogged in when the food was served.
bog into + 熱烈地吃某食物 They bogged into the lunch.
bog off (英口語) (粗魯說法) 滾開 Bog off! Get out of here!
boil * down + 縮短,濃縮 (文章) The report's so long, I boiled it down into a two-page summary.
boil down to + 歸結為;癥結在於;取決於;事實上意味著 It's difficult to choose which appliance to buy, but in the end it usually boils down to cost.
boil over 煮沸溢出 I left the milk on the cooker and it boiled over.
boil over (局勢) 失去控制;爆發;發怒 The tension had been building up and it boiled over in the meeting.
boil up (形勢) 惡化;(怒火) 升高 The anger boiled up in me when I saw what they had done.
boil * up + 煮沸 (食物) I boiled up some water for a cup of coffee.
bolster up + 增強;加強;強化;提高 We were all scared but she bolstered up our courage.
bone up on + 努力鑽研;用功讀書 I need to bone up on my English grammar for the test.
book * in 為...預訂;為...預約 I'll book us in at the Intercontinental.
book in 在旅館辦理住宿登記 We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel and booked in.
book * into 為...預訂;為...預約 I've booked us into a hotel in the centre of town for three nights.
book * into 在旅館辦理住宿登記 We booked into the first hotel we could find.
book out 結帳或辦理手續離開旅館 We'd like to book out early in the morning. (我們想明天一早就辦理手續離開旅館)
book up 預訂 The flight's fully booked up; I'll have to go the following day.
boot * up + (電腦) 啟動、開機 He booted up the computer and started work.
border on + 毗鄰;與...接壤 Jordan holds a key position, bordering on both Israel and Iraq.
border on + 近似;接近;幾乎就是 What he did was bordering on betrayal.
boss * about/around 對 (某人) 發號施令;對 (某人) 差來遣去;對 (某人) 使喚來使喚去 He bosses everyone around.
botch * up + 把 (某事) 搞砸、弄糟;粗心大意地弄壞 I botched up the whole project and it had to be cancelled.
bottle out 因缺乏勇氣而不敢做 She was going to tell her boss exactly what she thought, but bottled out in the end.
bottle * up + (尤指長時間) 壓抑 (情緒、情感等) She bottled up her feelings even though she was furious with them and kept quiet.
bottom out (經濟、價格等開始回升前) 跌到最低點 The recession bottomed out and the economy is recovering well.
bounce back 恢復精神,恢復元氣,恢復健康;(經濟、市場等) 復甦,(價格) 回升 The economy is bouncing back from the recession.
bounce * into (doing something) 迫使 (某人) 做 (某事) They have bounced the government into calling an early election.
bounce * off 與...討論問題 They bounced ideas off each other in a brainstorming session.
bow * in 鞠躬引進;恭敬地迎入 The owner of the restaurant bowed them in when they arrived. (他們來到餐廳時,老闆恭敬地將他們迎了進去)
bow * out 鞠躬送出;鞠躬退出 The waiters bowed the customers out as they left. (客人離開時,服務生鞠躬送出)
When leaving the presence of the king, you have to bow yourself out as you go. (你離開國王御前時得鞠躬退出去)
bow out 退出 (比賽等);引退;退休 John bowed out of the competition because of unknown reasons. (約翰不知什麼原因退出了比賽)
Our chief executive officer has decided to bow out early. (我們執行長已決定提前引退)
bow to + 向 (重要人物) 鞠躬致敬;屈服;服從;順從 All the officials in the conference room bowed to the President as he entered. (總統進入會議室時,所有官員都向他鞠躬致敬)
The government bowed to pressure and held the bill back. (政府屈服於壓力,撤回法案)
We must bow to their wishes. (我們必須順從他們的願望)
bowl * over + 使大吃一驚,使大為震驚 I was bowled over by the news.
box * in + 把...困住;使某物 (尤指車輛) 無法移動 (常用被動態) The whole army was boxed in by the enemy and had no hope of escape.
I was boxed in by the bus and couldn't change lane.
box * up + 把...裝箱 (或裝盒) At the end of term, I boxed my books up and sent them home.
branch out (into doing something) 開拓新業務;擴大活動範圍 The supermarkets have branched out into banking.
break away (尤指為創建另一政黨或團體而) 脫離 (某政黨或團體) The SDP broke away from the Labor Party.
break down (關係、談判等) 破裂,失敗 The talks between management and the unions broke down acrimoniously.
break down (機器) 壞掉,故障;停止運轉 The truck broke down in the desert.
break down (尤指在公眾場合) 開始哭泣、情緒失控、崩潰 He broke down in tears.
She broke down after her husband died.
break for + (為了逃走而) 跑向;逃往 Cindy had to hold him back as he tried to break for the door. (當他衝向大門試圖逃走時,辛蒂不得不攔阻他)
The police are assuming they'll break for the border. (警方推定他們會逃往邊界)
break in 打斷 (談話);插嘴 While we were discussing the situation, Mary broke in to give her opinion.
break in (尤指為了竊盜而) 闖入 The burglar broke in between midnight and 3 AM.
The burglars broke in and stole the TV and video.
break * in + 使 (新產品) 逐漸舒適合用 I need to break these shoes in before I go hiking.
I must watch my speed until I break in my new Volvo.
break * in + 馴服 (馬) It took ages to break the horse in.
break into + (尤指為了竊盜而) 闖入 (屋內) The burglar broke into the house between midnight and 3 AM.
break into + 打斷 (談話、思緒等) Jane broke into the conversation and told us what she knew.
break * off + (關係、協議等) 結束,中斷 Sally broke her engagement to John off.
She broke off their engagement when she found out that he'd been unfaithful.
break * off + 折斷 She broke off a square of chocolate and gave it to her dog.
break out 爆發,發生 Violent protests broke out in response to the military coup.
break out + 打開 (某物來慶祝) He broke out the champagne to celebrate his promotion.
break out in + (皮膚上) 開始出現 The skin on my arms was breaking out in a rash.
Mary broke out in spots this morning.
break out of + 脫逃;逃出 The murderer broke out of the prison.
break through + 衝破;突圍;突破 The crowd broke through the police barriers and attacked the hunters.
break up (英) (學校) 放假;期終 Schools break up at the end of June for the summer holidays.
break up (個人關係等) 破裂;斷絕 Sam and Diane broke up again. What a rocky relationship.
The marriage broke up just a few years later.
break up (收音機或電話裡的聲音) 斷掉 You're breaking up; I'll call you back in a minute and see if we get a better connection.
I can't hear you; you're breaking up.
break up 碎裂;碎開 The plate broke up when he dropped it on the floor.
The plane broke up in mid-air.
break * up + 打碎;粉碎 I broke the cracker up into pieces and put it in the soup.
break * up + 驅散 (群眾);制止 (打鬥) The police broke the demonstration up before it got out of control.
breed * out + 在人工繁殖過程中消除 (某種特性、特徵等) Cruelty and aggression have not yet been bred out of these animals. (殘忍和侵略性還未能在這些動物的人工繁殖過程中消除)
breeze along 輕易而快速地移動、前進等 The film breezes along for the first hour, then becomes rather dull and slow.
breeze in 快速地進來 He breezed in and started shouting at us.
breeze into + 快速地進入 (某場所) He breezed into the room and switched the TV on.
breeze through + 輕易地通過 (測驗、考試等);輕而易舉地做 She breezed through her exams.
brick * in + 用磚堵住 The windows were all bricked in. (窗戶全用磚堵起來了)
brick * up + 用磚堵住 We bricked up a window/doorway/fireplace to prevent draughts. (我們用磚把窗戶/門口/壁爐堵住以防止進風)
brighten up (天氣) 轉晴,放晴;變得陽光燦爛 The day started cloudy but brightened up in the afternoon.
brighten up 高興;面露喜色 He brightened up when he heard the news.
brighten * up + 使明亮;使發亮;使發光 We tried to brighten the place up by painting it.
bring * about + 導致;造成;帶來;引起 Democracy brought about great change in the lives of the people.
The changes to the law were brought about by the government because so many people were ignoring the old one.
bring * along + 把 (某人或某物) 帶來 You can bring your friends along if you like.
bring * along + 促使 (某人或某物) 發展;幫助...發展 Her coach has brought her along a lot in the last six months.
bring * around/round 說服 (某人);使 (某人) 信服 It took me ages to bring him around/round to my point of view.
bring * around/round + 把 (某物) 帶來 (尤指帶到某人家中或約定的地方) He brought some books around/round when he came last night.
bring * around/round 引入 (新話題);改變 (話題、討論內容等) He didn't want to discuss the details, but I managed to bring him around/round and he told me everything.
bring * back + 使想起;喚起 Visiting my old school brought back memories of when I was a pupil there.
bring * back + 帶回來;歸還 He took the calculator home yesterday and hasn't brought it back yet.
bring * down + 使 (政府或政客) 垮台 The vote of no-confidence brought the government down.
bring * down + 降低;減少;使降價 The improvements in technology have brought the prices of computers down considerably in recent months.
bring * forth + 出示;展示 The prosecution brought forth a lot of evidence against him.
bring forth + 產生;引起 The report has brought forth a lot of criticism of the policy.
Her letter to the paper brought forth a flood of supportive comments.
bring * forth + 取出 (某物) She brought forth the diary and showed it to us.
bring * forward 把...提前 The meeting has been brought forward to this Friday instead of next week because some people couldn't make it then.
bring in + 帶來;賺進,賺得 The job brings in two thousand dollars a month.
bring * off + 成功完成 (困難的事);(好不容易) 做成 You robbed the bank! I can't believe you brought that off.
If they can bring off the deal, they'll be able to retire.
bring * on + 引起,導致 (尤指疾病) Getting wet in the rain yesterday brought on my cold.
bring * on + 使出現;使登台;使上場 Bring on the dancers!
bring * out + 推出 (新產品);出版 The band are bringing out a new CD in the autumn.
bring * out + 使顯現出,使暴露出 (特性、特質等) Your new shirt brings out the color of your eyes.
Susan brings out the best in him.
Plenty of money often brings out the worst in someone.
bring * out in 使 (某人) 發生健康問題或產生負面情緒反應 It was the lobster that brought me out in this rash all over my body.
Don't mention what happened last week, it could bring him out in a temper.
bring * round 使 (某人) 恢復知覺 The doctors brought him round a few hours after the operation.
We threw water in his face to try and bring him round.
bring * to 使甦醒 We used smelling salts to bring her to after she fainted.
bring * up + 提及,提到;提出 I didn't want to bring up the fact that she was unemployed.
bring * up + 養育 (小孩) Sam was brought up in South Carolina.
She brought up three sons on her own.
bring * up + 使出庭受審;(因某罪名而) 傳訊 (某人) 出庭 He was brought up on charges of public intoxication.
brush * off + 不理會 (某人或某事);不聽;不接受;不承認 Mary brushed her ex-boyfriend off at the party.
I tried to tell him, but he just brushed me off.
brush * up + 複習;溫習;透過練習來改善、增強或提高 She took a two-week course to brush up her Spanish before she travelling around South and Central America.
bubble over 充滿:洋溢 (到了極點的某情緒) She bubbled over with joy when she heard her exam results.
buck up 快點,趕快 'Buck up - the taxi's waiting.'
buck * up + 注意改善;加把勁 You'd better buck your ideas up, or you'll fail the course.
bucket down 下 (傾盆) 大雨 Take an umbrella; it's bucketing down.
buckle down 開始認真工作或努力做某事 (與  knuckle down 同義) We had to buckle down and study for the exam. (我們必須開始好好唸書準備考試)
buckle under 屈服,屈從 (與  knuckle under 同義) We didn't like the ideas, but had to buckle under or face the sack. (我們不喜歡這些構想,但不得不屈從,否則將面臨被解雇的命運)
buckle up (在汽車、飛機等上) 繫好安全帶 The passengers were told to buckle up before take-off. (乘客被告知起飛前繫好安全帶)
budge up 挪出空間;騰出地方 We had to budge up to let the fourth person in the back of the car.
buff * up + 擦亮;擦淨 The silver candlestick looked lovely after I buffed it up.
buff * up + 改善 After the scandal, the politician tried to buff up his public image.
buff up on + 快速增進知識 I buffed up on my grammar before the test.
bug off 走開,滾開 I told her to bug off because she was annoying me.
bug out 嚇得嘴巴張得大大的 He bugged out when she turned up.
bug out 倉促離去;逃竄 They bugged out when the police arrived.
build * around 圍繞;以 ... 為中心 His whole campaign was built around fighting injustice. (他的整個競選活動以打擊不公不義為主軸)
build * in (通常用被動態) 使成為組成部分 The difficulties seem to be built in. (困難似乎無法避免)
build into + (通常用被動態) 使成為組成部分;使成為不可分割的一部份 The difficulties are built into the work. (做這項工作必然會碰到困難)
Security has been built into the project. (這項計畫勢必會有安全上的問題)
The rate of pay was built into his contract. (工資率已訂入他的合約)
build * on (建築物的) 加蓋,增建 We've had a sheet metal house built on the side of the building. (我們在這棟建築物的側面加蓋了鐵皮屋)
This part of the library was built on later. (圖書館的這一部份是後來增建的)
build on + 以 ... 為基礎 We need to build on the feedback from customers we have had so far. (我們必須以迄今為止收到的顧客回饋意見為基礎)
build * up + 發展;擴展 She built the business up from nothing into a market leader in less than a decade.
build * up + 增加 Tension has been building up ever since the government passed the unpopular law.
bulk * out 使變大、變厚;使膨脹;使變得更厚實、更豐滿 I bulked the essay out with a few quotes to reach the number of word required.
bulk up 變重;變大 Jack's bulked up a lot since he got those steroids. (傑克自從服用那些類固醇之後,他的體重增加了許多)
bump into + 邂逅;碰見;偶遇 (某人) I bumped into Helen on the underground the other day.
I bumped into your mother at the supermarket.
bump into + 意外碰到、撞上 (某物) As I turned round, I bumped into a filing cabinet.
bump * off + 謀殺;殺死 (某人) The drug dealer was bumped off by a rival gang.
bump * up + 提高;增加 They bump up the prices in the high season.
bundle * off + 把 (某人) 送走或送到某地;匆匆打發走 He bundled the kids off to bed.
The children were bundled off to bed as soon as the guests arrived.
bundle * out + 匆匆攆走;趕走 The barman bundled the drunk out because he was annoying the other customers.
bundle up (給...) 穿上暖和衣服 We bundled up before going out as it was snowing.
bundle * up + 捆紮 (包裹等) I bundled up my newspapers and dropped them in the recycling bin.
bunk off + 逃學;曠課;曠工 I used to bunk off school and go into town.
buoy * up + 鼓勵;使...振作;使...具有信心 After so much criticism, the positive review buoyed him up.
burn * down + (建築物) 燒成灰燼;全部 (被) 燒毀 The building was burnt down and only ashes were left.
burn down (建築物) 燒成灰燼;全部 (被) 燒毀 Two buildings burnt down in the fire.
burn * off + 燒掉 I burn off a lot of calories in the gym.
His hair was burnt off.
burn out 失去繼續工作的熱忱和幹勁 Jennie burnt out after ten years working as a futures broker and went to live in the country.
burn * up 非常生氣;使非常氣惱 His undeserved win in the election really burns me up.
burn* up +  高速行駛 The bank robbers burned up the roads but were soon captured.
burn * up + 燒毀,燒盡 He burnt up the files.
All his possessions were burned up in the fire.
burst into + 突然起火 (尤指火勢失去控制) The car burst into flames and the driver died as he didn't have time to get out.
burst into + 突然 (笑、哭、唱、拍手等) 起來 She burst into laughter when she heard the joke.
bust up (關係) 破裂;分手 They bust up after a row last night.
John and Mary bust up six months ago.
butt in 插嘴 I hope you don't mind me butting in on your conversation, but I couldn't help hearing what you said.
butt out 不管別人的事;不多管閒事 This is none of your business, so just butt out!
butter * up + 奉承,討好 I tried buttering my tutor up but she still wouldn't let me hand it in late.
buy * in + 大量買進 (某物) They bought in lots of salt.
buy into + 接受某一構想 I never bought into the idea of my son marrying to her.
buy * off + 買通 (某人);向 (某人) 行賄;用錢疏通 He bought the newspaper off by placing a lot of adverts.
buy * out + 收購...的股份或股權 Pacific Inc. was bought out by a company from Oregon.
His business partners bought him out to get rid of him.
buy * up + 全部買下;整批收購 We bought up all the beer in the store.
buzz around + 在 (某地) 跑來跑去地忙碌著;在 (某地) 忙來忙去 Reporters were buzzing around the scene of the accident.
buzz off 離開 (某地) I'm buzzing off now- I have to meet some people.
buzz off 走開,滾開 (一般用於祈使句) He told them to buzz off because they were annoying him.
Buzz off and stop bothering me!