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(as/like) a bolt from the blue
(宛如/猶如) 晴天霹靂;突如其來的事情。
His sudden death came as a bolt from the blue.

a horse of another (or a different) color
全然不同的事物 (情況、問題、觀點等)。
I know that he would like to discuss that issue now but it is a horse of a different color and we should discuss it at another time.

a red herring
Talking about the union's last strike is a red herring and doesn't do anything to deal with the problems that we are facing today.

a red-letter day
It was a red-letter day when she finally received her graduation diploma.

a white elephant
The new stereo that he bought is a white elephant and he doesn't need it at all.

a white lie
I told my boss a white lie and said that I was sick yesterday when actually I wasn't.

black and blue
My whole body was black and blue after I fell down.

(in) black and white
(判斷事情) 非黑即白,非好即壞。
He tries to see everything in black and white although he knows this is impossible.

(until one is) blue in the face
He argued with her until he was blue in the face.

brown bag it
帶便當 (午餐) 上班。注意:brown 在此當動詞用。
I have had to brown bag it every day this week as the company cafeteria is closed for repair work.

catch/nab (someone) red-handed
當場捉住 (犯法或做錯事的人)
The woman was caught red-handed at the store trying to steal some cosmetics.

cry/scream/shout blue murder
They started to scream blue murder when I told them they would have to work an extra half an hour on Saturday afternoons.

disappear (or go off, vanish, etc.) into the blue
When the girl saw her mother all her sadness disappeared into the blue. (這女孩一見到她媽媽,她的悲傷便煙消雲散了)
The bank robber ran so fast that he went off into the blue. (銀行搶匪跑得很快,一下子就消失得無影無蹤)

give a false color to; put a false color on
歪曲 (某人,某事等);曲解。
Don't give a false color to what she said, she didn't mean it. (別曲解她的話,她沒有那個意思)
Only John and Mary have unbiased view on Ted's behavior while others put a false color on it. (只有約翰和瑪麗對泰德的行為沒有偏見,而其他人都會加以歪曲)

give someone the green light
We were finally given the green light to begin setting up the new project.

go/look as white as a sheet
(尤指因病或恐懼而) 臉色慘白;面無血色。
The news must've been bad. She went as white as a sheet when she read the telegram.

green with envy
I was green with envy when I heard that she would be going to London for a week while I had to stay and work.

like a red rag to a bull
Any complaint about the president is like a red rag to a bull.

look at (or see) the world (or things) through rose-colored glasses/spectacles
He always looks at the world through rose-colored glasses and is never able to understand that some people are dishonest.

once in a blue moon
We go out for Chinese food once in a blue moon although we enjoy it very much.

out of the blue
I don't understand what is the matter. Right out of the blue Megan decided to quit her job and go and live in Japan. (我不明白是怎麼回事。梅根突然辭職並前往日本定居)

paint the town red
When my cousin came to visit us we decided to go out and paint the town red.

pink slip
I received my pink slip last week and am now looking for a new job.

red tape
Many businesses have been complaining about the amount of red tape that they must deal with in order to get anything done with the government.

roll out the red carpet
When the King of Jordon visited Washington, they rolled out the red carpet and gave him a great welcome.

see red
He really saw red last night when I told him that I wouldn't be coming to work today.

see the red light
When he learned how many fatal diseases were related to tobacco, he saw the red light and stopped smoking (他知道有那麼多致命疾病和煙草有關之後,產生了危機意識,不再抽菸了)

show one's true colors
I know that she doesn't like me but she was showing her true colors when she began yelling at me on the telephone.

show the white feather
He showed the white feather every time they attacked the enemy. (每次他們攻擊敵人時,他都會露出膽怯的神情)
Don't show the white feather! You have to fight for pay raise. (別示弱! 你要為加薪奮鬥)

swear black is white
指鹿為馬;不惜顛倒黑白 (或是非)。
He wants that job very much, and he'll swear black is white to get it.

the grass is greener on the other side (of the hill/fence)
He realized that the grass is always greener on the other side when he saw that his new job wasn't perfect and had its own problems too.

the pot calling the kettle black
She was criticizing me for not looking for a new job but that is like the pot calling the kettle black. She isn't looking for a new job either.

tickled pink
She was tickled pink that you made the effort to go and visit her when you were in town.

white as a ghost
(因害怕、恐懼、震驚、生病等) 臉色非常蒼白。
My sister became white as a ghost when she saw the man at the window.

white sale
廉價銷售 (毛巾、被單等)。
We went to the white sale at the department store in order to buy some new sheets before my parents come to visit.

with flying colors
She passed her course with flying colors and now wants to go out and celebrate.

yellow streak
He has a yellow streak running down his back and is not a good person to expect to support you when things become difficult.